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June 27th, 2013

CTP (Computer To Plate) was a big step for Martingraphix with a huge investment in new machinery, software and proofing technology. Our choice of Swiss precision technology delivering accurate plates offers our clients perfect registration, 100% accurate dot and guaranteed output once a proof has been checked. Our minimum plate size is 450x370mm and our maximum image size is 1700x1100mm, the biggest of any Bureau in Cape Town, offering our clients the widest variety. We also offer a full imposition service, low resolution plate proofing, hi resolution press proofs, and delivery of your plates anywhere in the Western Cape.

Recently we introduced our second CTP system, a Fuji Luxel capable of offering up to A1 size plates. This was a necessary step for us to give our clients faster turnaround as well  as piece of mind that should one system go down we’d be able to continue running on the second system.

We still offer positives and negatives for printers and traditional screenprinters who prefer them.